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Babes in Bozeman Baby Expo

One of our favorite shows is the Babes in Bozeman Baby Expo.  It might seem like a ways away but April 1st will be here sooner than you know!  Mark your calendars and prepare for an awesome time browsing baby related products and services.  The doors open at 4 and close at 10.  I'll let you know our location once the maps come out.  It will be held at the Gallatin Valley Mall again this year.

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Bling & Children's Products

You may have noticed that there are numerous children's products with bling on them: shirts, pants, shoes, pacifiers, etc.  Pacifiers?!  Yes, pacifiers!  Did you know that children's safety regulations apply to decorations, too?  Really?  Yep!  When it comes to bling, companies must ensure that...

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Winter-Holiday 2016

Only eight more days until I launch the Winter-Holiday 2016 line: November 1st at 9 AM (MST)!  Here's a look at some of the prints that will be available.  

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