Crayons + Walls


What do you do when your sweet little one decides that your walls are the perfect place for their latest masterpiece?  If you're like me, the first thing you do is freak out a little, especially if you are renting.  We were at the time.  Then you go to Pinterest.  True story!  

Toothpaste is the answer to your current, unplanned, redecoration!  Any toothpaste with a little bit of grit will do, though we used Arm & Hammer (no affiliation).  Grab the tube, along with a sponge and a bowl of warm water.  Squeeze a little toothpaste on the wet sponge and rub on the wall.  Rinse and repeat until it's gone.

What if the masterpiece was completed with another medium, say your husband's map pens, which are permanent.  Don't fret!  Nail polish remover or hairspray will remove the designs....even if they are green marker on naturally finished molding.

Do you have a cleaning tip?  Please share it below!

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