Bumpers - Yes or No?

crib bumpers

As you browse the internet or magazines for nursery items, you'll often see tons of really cute crib bumpers.  They are, truly, adorable!  Should you buy one?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding bumpers.  They look cute but have been deemed a suffocation hazard.  At least one state, Maryland, has outlawed the sale of crib bumpers to their state!  The American Association of Pediatrics and Consumer Product Safety Commission highly recommend that you not use them.  I would highly recommend reading up on the subject.

What about a pacifier falling out of the crib or arms and legs going through the rails?  Breathable, mesh bumpers have been introduced in response to the articles above and many parents consider them a safe alternative.  We did use one when our son was small. 

mesh crib bumpers

I think that,with our next child, we will not use a bumper at all (no, no news there yet).  What are your thoughts?


Note: I am not affiliated with Target in any way.  The link is to provide credit for the photo.

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