October, Liability and Chip Cards

Small Businesses will be greatly affected by new credit card laws, which go into effect in October. These laws surround the new chip or EMV cards.  The basic gist is that there is a major ship in liability and how fraud is handled. You will need to make sure you have a chip card reader!  Consumers should also be aware of what these laws mean, too.  Always be informed! Check out this updated article from the Wall Street Journal

If you are a small business owner, Square and PayPal are the only two companies I know of who are carrying POS (point-of-service) chip card readers.  Square has two offerings: contactless for $49 and direct connect for $29.  PayPal has one offering: contactless for $149.  Both Square and PayPal offer rebates to sellers who meet certain criteria, when it comes to the price of their contactless readers.

Do note that online sales are unaffected by these changes.

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