Alternative Black Friday

I know that many shops have special deals and sales during various holidays.  Commercialization of holidays is something I struggle with.  While I really want people to purchase my products, I don't want to commercialize the holidays, especially not Christmas.  Memorial Day sales feel strange to me, especially since my husband served.  I don't see how having a Memorial Day sale honors our fallen men and women.  Instead, I close my shop.

With the Christmas season fast approaching and Black Friday around the corner, I've decided to do an Alternative Black Friday.  There will not be a sale or any deals.  Instead, 50% of my profits from Black Friday will be donated to my local food bank.  I am currently waiting hear whether they would prefer the donation to be monetary or in food.

I would like to invite you to join me in participating in an Alternative Black Friday.  What are some ways things you could do or ideas that you have?


  • Amy

    I love this idea! I will also do a donation. I’m glad I saw this early, so I can prepare for it and start to advertise for it. I’ll have to think about where I want to donate the money.

  • Kate Quinn

    This is fantastic! For those of us without shops, I propose we shop for 50% less and use the other 50% of our money to gift to the homeless shelter/etc or (if we don’t usually shop on Black Friday) purchase items for donation on or around Black Friday – even if it’s only one thing! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Diane

    What a fabulous idea Carolyn! Thank you for thinking outside the box <3

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