Being a wife, mother and small businesswoman requires some serious balancing, though, I admit, sometimes its more like juggling. Defininting boundaries can be difficult.  So, I've made a few changes that I wanted to share with you.

While social media is a great tool, I felt like I was spreading myself too thin, trying to do everything.  I've decided to deactivate and delete my Twitter account.  I will stay with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Customer service is an integral part of any business.  As a home-based business it's easy not to set office hours, when I really should.  The best office hours for many family are 9 AM to 4 PM and 7 PM to 8 PM, Monday through Friday, and 9 AM and 12 PM on Saturday.  During those times I'll be available to answer emails, touch base via social media, and ship out orders.  I will try to let you all know if there is a day that I'll be "out of the office."

If more changes need to be made, I will make sure to let you all know.  Thank you so much for understanding!

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