Oils & Modern Medicine

It seems, much of the time, that our culture goes to the extremes on topics.  Much of this swing is helped along by the media.  I've seen a lot of this lately with the use of oils versus modern medicine.  There seems to be a group of people who are die hard into oils, rather than modern medicine.  Then there is another group that is super skeptical and won't give oils a second glance. My family falls in the middle.

A dear friend of mine sells oils and told me about them.  I was very skeptical until Henry came down with a very bad respiratory infection, not croup but similar.  He really was having a hard time breathing.  I borrowed a bottle of Breathe, coconut oil and a diffuser...after looking at the ingredients in the Breath blend (Once upon a time I was a biology major).  I also took Henry to the doctor, who told us it was a virus and gave him oral steroids.  We used both approaches to combat the illness and still continue to. 

What I find most concerning about oils is the push to use them for everything, rather than seeking medical advice.  I've even seen people try to use them in place of antibiotics.  This can get very dangerous.  Certain infections, such as strep throat, can have rare, though serious, repercussions.  Oils also does not mix with water, so placing it in water to drink does not dilute them, which also can be dangerous.

As far as modern medicine goes, there are many doctors who have decided that long-used remedies should fall by the wayside.  Let's return to the Breath oil, shall we?  The main oil in the blend is eucalyptus.  This has been used to help breathing for a very long time, and is found in Vicks.  Unlike Vicks, the oil has no petroleum, one of the reasons I use it.  Lavender oil has been used to sooth for a very long time and is still used in products.  One does need to be very careful with pure forms though and this, I think, is what gives many physicians pause.  Undiluted and improperly used oils can cause problems, such as burns.

My take is that oils and modern medicine can be used in conjunction with each other in a careful, well thought out and researched way. 

I would love to hear your thoughts!


  • Carolyn

    Thanks for sharing, Laura!

  • Laura

    I also use dōTERRA and try to use it to help prevent illness and find relief when we do fall ill. However, I make sure to properly dilute the oils for myself and children, and also realize that modern medicine is a wonderful thing and should be used when necessary.

    I signed up for the benefits and not to make money or convince everyone that oils are the only way to go. It bothers me when someone believes that oils are the only option, especially because everyone has a different body and that body is going to react differently to oils, internally or topically.

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