Choosing a Newborn Photographer

By Rhiannon Horsley

Finding just the right photographer for your new bundle of joy can seem a little tricky at first glance. All you want is beautiful images of your baby to decorate your home, share with friends and family, and help remember this time in your life...but why is it so difficult?

There are just a few factors that go into choosing the best photographer for your family. First, decide whether you prefer lifestyle or more posed shots. Many photographers will do both during newborn sessions but not all, so make sure you ask! Sometimes this will determine whether you want an in-home or studio setting. Check out both their website and Facebook page for current work to see if it matches what you are looking for, and don’t feel bad for asking questions!

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Pricing can definitely play a big part in who you choose. However, a good newborn photographer is worth their weight in gold. They arrive prepared, truly have a good working knowledge of how a newborn session should go, and most of all handle your baby with the utmost safety. If a photographer’s pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is. This can be a good indicator of inexperience. Doing some research of newborn photographers in your area should provide an idea of the prices that you can expect.

What is your end goal? To hang gorgeous prints in your home? Share on Facebook? Have that little brag book to throw in your purse? This is a huge consideration to think about, although usually the least thought about. Right now, the craze is all about digital files. But think about it, how many images do you have trapped in a computer or phone? There are no prints to hold in your hand, for children and grandchildren to sift through as they grow. If you want prints, canvases, and albums to document this time, find a photographer who will provide these. We all know how busy life gets…will you honestly get or take the time to print your photographs?

You will want to have your baby photographed within the first week, while he is still sleepy and squishy. Go ahead and make contact with your chosen photographer while you’re pregnant since she will need to leave a little bit of flexibility in her schedule for baby’s arrival. A good photographer should provide you with plenty of information on how to prepare for your session-clothing, home prep, baby, etc. It is completely unnecessary to go into a newborn session feeling unprepared and stressed out!

Good luck on finding that just-right photographer! It could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

Rhiannon Horsley is the owner of Simple Reflections Photography in Bozeman, MT.  We first met at a local Bible study and she has since photographed my family - see my About page. 

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