Toilet Paper Troubles

toilet paper

Okay ladies and gents, I'm going to get real about toilet paper.  I know, what could I possibly have to say about toilet paper?  Guys, sometimes you have issues with lint.  Ladies, you know exactly what I'm talking about: lint AND irritation.  I have two words that may explain a few things: chlorine and formaldehyde!

A bit of poking around revealed that Chlorine is used to whiten most major toilet paper.  It turns out that some people are sensitive to toilet paper made with chlorine.  Formaldehyde is used to improve the wet strength of many toilet papers!  The "stronger" the toilet paper, the more formaldehyde it has.  That is also an irritant!  Soft toilet paper often has more lint.  Lint + chlorine + formaldehyde = No wonder I wasn't comfortable!  If you have felt irritated, after going to the bathroom, chlorine and formaldehyde may be to blame.  Yeast infections do cause problems, too.  Do make sure you rule them out.  However, many times we ladies self-medicate without actually being sure a yeast infection is to blame.  Here's an excellent article for you.      

It's been two weeks since my family and I changed our toilet paper and life is good!  We now use Bright Green (TM) toilet paper (pictured).  It's 100% recycled and no chlorine chemicals are used to make it.  It is not as soft as regular toilet paper but we are much happier.  No more irritation AND, as a bonus, no lint!  Even my husband has commented on the lack of lint!  

I would encourage you to buy a pack of recycled toilet paper, made without chlorine, and give it a try.  See if it is also the solution for your family!  Bright Green (TM) can be purchased at Safeway.  There are many other brands to try, like Seventh Generation.  Just make sure that chlorine is NOT part of the process.


  • Rachel

    I had been using seventh generation tp, but that stuff is not soft at all and was actually irritating me more! I love the honest tp but Target no longer carries it :(

  • Lady & Little Bug

    I’m so glad my article was of help, Diane!

  • Diane

    AWESOME! I can so identify and keep trying different ones to find the “perfect” toiler paper! Hopefully this will be the last one I try :) Thanks so much Carolyn

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